What are the dose rates for Cattle & Sheep?

Cattle: Ratio 1:1 Mix one part LSD® liquid concentrate with one part clean water. Dosage- Cows 20ml & Calves 5ml

Sheep: Ratio 1:4 Mix one part LSD® liquid concentrate with four parts clean water. Alternatively, add one bottle (1 Litre) to a 5 litre backpack and top up to 5 Litres with clean water.  Dosage- Ewes 10ml, Hoggets 8ml & Lambs 5ml

Brassicas – nutritional facts you may not know

Forage brassicas have become New Zealand’s most widely cultivated crop.

Every year farmers and contractors plant up to 250,000 ha of brassicas to supplement sheep, beef and dairy cows through periods of feed deficit.

Chances are you have some of those 250,000 ha on your farm.

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Improving the odds for this season’s lambs

After a tough summer and sub optimal scanning results, this spring farmers will want to do all possible to lift the odds in favour of new born lambs.

However lamb survivability is determined well before the new arrivals hit the ground, and the pre lamb period is a valuable time to improve the likelihood of those new lambs making it to docking. Ewe mineral and vitamin levels leading up to the stressful lambing period can have a significant effect on those odds.

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Why is VetLSD® a liquid concentrate and not a cheaper powder like other ‘lookalikes’?

LSD was originally a powder but right from the beginning we knew powders had some major drawbacks. The main issue is their stability. All powders containing water soluble vitamins are inherently unstable and LSD powder was no exception. Thus any leftover product not used on the day of mixing was worthless the next day. Its instability also meant that when part containers only were used any product left in the container once opened was prone to attracting moisture and rapidly deteriorating. We needed a product that was very stable as the concentrate once the container was opened, as well as once it was mixed. VetLSD® does this – no powder does. We also wanted a product that was much easier to mix and less messy than a powder. VetLSD® liquid concentrate fulfils those requirements.

Why does VetLSD® contain the particular actives-Vitamin C,E,A,D, iodine, selenium and chromium?

LSD was designed to take care of those vitamins and trace elements proved to be deficient in many ewes in late pregnancy and confirmed as a cause of poor early lamb survival. It was also developed so that it provided the essential elements required for stock of any class to overcome stress periods. The principal components being: Vitamin E, selenium and Iodine. These were not available at sufficient levels in any ‘one shot’ product. The other actives are either important anti-oxidants as well, or work in synergy with the principal ones.

What are the key production benefits when used pre-lamb?

Vitamin E given to ewes prior to lambing has been shown to reduce perinatal lamb deaths and improve both ewe and lamb vigour – reduced time to standing and suckling by the lamb and mothering by the ewe. The main production benefit is improved lamb survival.

How soon prior to lambing should I treat?

Trial work we have done suggests that in most situations the benefits of supplementing with Vit E tend to run out after about 40 days. However they are almost immediate once a ewe is drenched so drenching should be done as close to lambing as is practical.

Can I mix VetLSD® with oral sheep drenches?

We have done limited trials with mixing it with drenches – some drenches are fine, others are not. We do not recommend mixing with some anthelmintics including Closantel containing drenches. If in doubt about the compatibility of VetLSD® and a particular drench do a small test mix with a little diluted VetLSD® and the drench beforehand. Users mix VetLSD® with other drenches at their own risk and any mixed product should be used in one session and not stored. VetLSD® should be mixed 1:1 with water before mixing with the drench. Just remember that a ewe dose for example is 2ml concentrate, so that when mixed with a drench you will need 4mls of diluted VetLSD® plus the required volume of drench per ewe.

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Is there enough Iodine in VetLSD®?

A 10ml dose of diluted VetLSD® contains enough elemental iodine equivalent to the recommended dose of potassium iodide.

Is VetLSD® safe to give with other selenised products?

Vet LSD® was developed with a low dose of selenium knowing that in many cases stock would be given it at the same time they were likely to be receiving a selenised vaccine or drench. Hence it is most unlikely that overdosing is going to be an issue when given with another selenised product.