Vet LSD was developed by Peter Anderson of The Vet Centre Marlborough, after spending many years witnessing the effects of mineral deficiencies on his clients’ flocks and offspring.

Depleted Iodine, Selenium, Vitamin A,D and E levels were all contributing to poor lamb survivability, loss of ewe production and significantly lowered flock performance overall.  Peter decided to do something about it, and developed Vet LSD. After further intensive research he developed today’s liquid form of Vet LSD, providing a far more stable, high quality supplement that sets a standard well above that of powdered formulations still available today, produced with food grade components and highly stable in mixed and unmixed form.

Vet LSD has increasingly proven first choice for sheep farmers seeking to boost ewe performance at high stress periods, including prior to lambing and when intensively grazing winter crops. It is also proving a supplement option for dairy and beef farmers wanting to improve stock health at peak or stressful periods.

Today Vet LSD is a part of many farms drenching programme, offering valuable insurance for capital stock and lamb production, with proven results including improved lamb survivability, ewe vitality and milk production.